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Stacey and The Stacey Turpenoff Band are one of those groups that everyone gets excited about. Our staff and our guests love them. They are an absolute blast to have. Stacey is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. And her voice is simply amazing. I constantly get compliments on how good of a job I’m doing when she plays my venue. She can sing anything you want her to sing. And the band can play anything you want them to play. You definitely want to book the Stacey Turpenoff Band at your venue. ”

— Cory Pearman - Talent Buyer The Alley – Downtown Littleton



Dancing and Grooving with Chris Daniels and The Kings, AJ Fullerton Band, and The Tuffenuffs  

JULY 6TH, 2018   

As the crowds began to roll in for the spectacular evening, Stacey Turpenoff and Danny Haynes took the stage as the Tuffenuffs. This iconic duo merged powerful vocals with masterful blues on the keys; Stacey’s vocal range was bellowing when she sang in baritone and gut-wrenchingly beautiful when slaying the highest of soprano notes. It was simple elegance at its finest while being the perfect storm for a beautiful evening to come.  

The duo laid out the vibe for the rest of the night between their originals and their renditions of classic blues songs. After a scalding hot day, the clouds started to form to block the intensity of the sun, giving the crowd an enjoyable place to get to know their neighbor and their beverage. It’s a good thing the Mishawaka doesn’t serve beverages in glassware or else Stacey’s vocals might have shattered the glass in the most authentic and graceful way possible.   

I had the pleasure of meeting both Danny and Stacey who were genuine staples in our society; their compassion for music, the appreciation of hospitality, and musical talent are all that the Mishawaka asks for from musicians.  

The combination of Stacey’s beautiful vocals and Danny’s skills on the keys allowed for the rest of the evening to operate in utter peace; every single soul who witnessed this duo was in awe and knew that the bar had been set for an amazing evening ahead.  

You may read the full review at: http://www.themishawaka.com/blog/2018/07/dancing-grooving-chris-daniels-kings/