In addition to my band, STB (Stacey Turpenoff Band), I can often be found performing in other projects.




Eef & Stacey Duo- Eef, the tall-Dutch-girl-with-the-red-guitar, moved to the US in 1999 and currently lives in Denver CO. This dynamic duo, Eef and Stacey Turpenoff, play shows all over the front range of Colorado mostly in restaurants, patio's, and coffee houses. Their repertoire ranges from up-tempo blues to a little jazz, soul, and a touch of Americana.



Danny brings 50 years of experience to the stage. Born near Dallas, Texas, he was part of the 60's music scene that produced the Vaughan brothers-Stevie and Jimmie. Danny's band was The Beefeaters and Jimmie's was The Chessmen. They competed for many gigs in those days. Danny became a full-time musician in the early 70's toured the US and Canada with Tommy Latham and McCool, a Vegas-type show band that allowed him to become a seasoned stage performer. In 1976, he started The King Peach Band, a hard working road band that recorded their only album in 1980. That same band recorded the critically-acclaimed "Texas Boogie Blues" album with Ray Sharpe of "Linda Lu" fame. Soon after, Dan settled into a long residency with The Silver City Band in the DFW area that lasted 12 years. He made a giant leap of faith and moved to Australia in 1996 where he found a vibrant music scene and recorded his CD “Built For Comfort” in Alice Springs, Australia teamed with local musicians. 

Since relocating back to the US and Denver, he has worked with many local favorites including Erik Boa, Randall Dubis (with whom he reached the 2013 Finals of the Denver IBC), Alan Knight, The Encounters, Rex Peoples, G’Jai and more. He recorded the keys on Bad Brad And The Fat Cats debut album, and has added keys to songs for Randall Dubis, Michael Hossler, and Dan Treanor . He won CD of the year at the Members Choice Awards for his work on Fried Food and Hard Liquor by Rex Peoples and X Factr. He recently won in the keys category for Members Choice Awards at Dan performed with Rex Peoples and Xfactor at the IBC finals for The Colorado Blues Society where they won best band and reached the semi-finals at the IBC in Memphis January 2016. He is also working on the Blue 88s project-an all keyboards band. Blue 88s is performing and has gotten an excellent response. Dan is also preparing his own band, The Dan Haynes Band, for more appearances. 



Dancing and Grooving with Chris Daniels and The Kings, AJ Fullerton Band, and The Tuffenuffs 

JULY 6TH, 2018  

As the crowds began to roll in for the spectacular evening, Stacey Turpenoff and Danny Haynes took the stage as the Tuffenuffs. This iconic duo merged powerful vocals with masterful blues on the keys; Stacey’s vocal range was bellowing when she sang in baritone and gut-wrenchingly beautiful when slaying the highest of soprano notes. It was simple elegance at its finest while being the perfect storm for a beautiful evening to come. 

The duo laid out the vibe for the rest of the night between their originals and their renditions of classic blues songs. After a scalding hot day, the clouds started to form to block the intensity of the sun, giving the crowd an enjoyable place to get to know their neighbor and their beverage. It’s a good thing the Mishawaka doesn’t serve beverages in glassware or else Stacey’s vocals might have shattered the glass in the most authentic and graceful way possible.  

I had the pleasure of meeting both Danny and Stacey who were genuine staples in our society; their compassion for music, the appreciation of hospitality, and musical talent are all that the Mishawaka asks for from musicians. 

The combination of Stacey’s beautiful vocals and Danny’s skills on the keys allowed for the rest of the evening to operate in utter peace; every single soul who witnessed this duo was in awe and knew that the bar had been set for an amazing evening ahead. 

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